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Thread: Thinking about Divorce

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    Default Thinking about Divorce

    First post here and maybe looking for a little push. I have been married for 7 years. My husband is 12 years older with (4) kids from previous marriage (19)sd, (17)sd, (12)ss, 10sd and we have (2) together (7)ds, (5)dd . He doesn't have a healthy relationship with alcohol and sometimes goes on binges maybe once every 2 months. This means that after work he will say he got invite to go to dinner and dinner turns into drinks and that turns into him coming home at 2am or later with no calling or texting. Things between us have been rocky for a long time now and the skids definitely had to do with this. He has a lot of guilt for "leaving" them even though we see the younger 2 very Wednesday and every other weekend. We live in the same city and he attends their school events and is pretty hands on trying to make everything perfect when they come over.

    There are a lot of issues with relationship with the older 2skids now (19) and (17). The oldest lived with us for about 6 months June 2018 and ended up stealing our vehicle and selling it. Unfortunately she had been on house arrest and had to go to jail for a period of 2 months also drug abuse is in the mix with her. He is a good man with a good heart but there are so many issues outside of that and it feels like now I'm anxious all the time, like ALL the time paranoid that something bad is going to happen whether is be drinking/driving, skid drama, bm drama. That my bio kids are seeing things they shouldn't around their older sibilings. I don't know how to protect them and am scared to move on and not have some sort of control about what they see.

    Adding to that, I make more than him at my job and am still expected to keep the house tidy, take care of the kids and all other housewife duties. With almost no help on this. I feel like the world is falling on me and I'm just trapped.

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    So sad to hear this.

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    At least he doesn't drink every day. I understand what it means when the husband is addicted to alcohol. In my case, it was more complicated. I recommend that you choose legal separation. I also had big problems with my husband because he used to drink alcohol very often, and all about the house and children were my responsibility. That has already exhausted me. I didn't want to divorce because it's too complicated, but I opted for legal separation California. It is similar to divorce, only without lawyers, judges, etc. This is how everything is shared, working at home, money, and caring for children. We, women, deserve to have a beautiful life. Stay strong because we women are strong.

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