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Thread: 2006 Radio Wiring Harness wire identification

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    Default 2006 Radio Wiring Harness wire identification

    Forgive me if this is elsewhere...i actually did come across a few answers to this question here but i was thuroughly confused by the wire colorings and diagrams i was reading.

    I just need to identify the COLORs of these wires, and what they go to.

    Bought a cheap bluetooth stereo and i did the install today...i am fairly certain i did all the important power wiring correctly, but for the life of me i can only get 3 speakers to work in the car and i started pulling my hair out trying to figure out which wires i did incorrectly.

    Please someone just do a 1-14 and give the wire a color and tell me what it goes to? for speakers which speaker and which is (+/-)

    Someone who already knows what each one is or can read diagrams because i surely cannot.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Sadly, sellers sometimes deal with such problematic electronics. I hope you got this stereo right. Have a great day, sir!

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    I agree. It looks very strange. It should have worked without a problem since it would have been enough to connect the wires according to their color palette. Check the box you bought this Bluetooth stereo in. I'm sure there should be a manual with a circuit diagram. If so, consider it done and connect everything according to it. If not, try getting a good electrician to do it. You can go to for that. I've gotten great help with wiring from the guys at. They've been doing this kind of thing for a long time. I think they can help you too.

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