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    The older I get the more light I need to see anything. I was looking for a lighting solution for the dark area of the garage where my new lathe lives and found these on Amazon. I bought 2 and they work great and are cheap, my favorite kind of product. The difference is like night and day (pun intended). Before and after pics below.

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    I don't really like when the light is concentrated in a small area instead of evenly illuminating the entire room. The fact is that I am growing plants, and for them it is very important that the light falls from all sides, moreover, it must be the right type of light, warmer and not too light, but not weak either. In general, I consider the ceiling lamp from to be the most versatile. The main advantage is that you can switch the light mode from spot to uniform, for example, when you work in the garage, spot light is better, and when you are just in the room, uniform would be goot to make it easier for the eyes.

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