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    Default Steam mops

    Remember those X5 steam mops years ago? I inherited one and the thing doesn't work properly so I'm in the market for a replacement. Having a Shark cordless vacuum it's the first place I looked but the kick flip mop is for the floors only and I would like to have a convertible to hand held. Or I could buy the Shark and buy a separate hand held.

    I need peer reviews please.

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    Try a steam mop, it's much more convenient than a vacuum cleaner.

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    I recently moved into a new apartment, and I realized that my old vacuum cleaner doesn't do its job at all. Then I realized that it was time to find a replacement for him. My friend said that it is better to choose a steam mop instead of a vacuum cleaner because it is more convenient and faster. I began to choose a company and came across one cordless steam mop site, which helped me choose a model. I bought a Cordless Spray Mops steam mop and have been very pleased with it. So I recommend everyone to switch to steam mops.

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