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Thread: Duplicate Mother's Day gift for myself and MIL from husband

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    Default Duplicate Mother's Day gift for myself and MIL from husband

    I originally posted this in DWIL and told to post here instead.

    Went anon for this post because I feel like there may be some identifying info in my birth club.

    This is my first Mother's Day and so of course, because my baby is little, it's up to my husband to celebrate with me. He is always extremely thoughtful with his gifts. Most often our gifts to each other are $20 or less and we're both happy with that.

    He told me he was super excited to give me my gift because he put a lot of thought into it and thought it was really special. Yay!

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    Hi! Thanks for this topic, I'm interested to know the details...

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    Hmm, very interesting story, but honestly, I don't see any problem with it. The fact that your husband bought the same gift as his mother ..... Well, that's weird of course, but nothing unusual, men do it all the time so they don't get dirty. Personally, every day my husband gives my mom some cool gift from this custom gifts idea website, I think it's very cute and most importantly, funny. But if you are not happy with something in your relationship, I recommend talking to your husband directly.

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