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Thread: Form Saved with List Template

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    Default Form Saved with List Template

    I have created a list and edited the Item Form using Responsive Forms. When I save the List as a Template, and use the template to create a new list from that template, the form reverts back to the default SharePoint form. We are deploying this list to several dozen project sites all built to be the same.

    Is there any direction on how to save the Nintex Form with the Custom List template?

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    Hi! Thanks for this topic, I'm interested to know the details...

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    My friend had this problem too, he couldn't save a form with custom list templates. He tried a bunch of different methods, but nothing worked. Then he started researching the topic and came across a list template site that had a bunch of different templates. He found one template that allowed him to import a form and put it into a newly created list. It helped him solve his problem. So I recommend finding the right template, I hope it helps you!

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