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Thread: Find or reset my Windows password?

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    Default Find or reset my Windows password?

    I have been logging on to my PC for years using just the PIN, but I have a program that requires my Windows password, and I can't recall it. I can't share folders without it, and I can't manage my credentials without it.
    Can I change or reset the password after logging on with my PIN - AND not mess up access to my my credentials?

    About passwords- I have a Microsoft Live account, and a half dozen logins on Roboform. I have a Microsoft Tech Net login, a OneDrive login and even a Developers login. All different. And none work on my desktop PC for the Windows Login.

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    You won't believe it, but I have absolutely the same situation as you, only on a different apple platform, I also can't log into my application on a macbook because I can't remember the pincode. I wanted to use the service , but unfortunately in my region they do not accept orders and therefore I wonder how I can cope with this problem. The fact is that I write down absolutely all passwords in a notebook, but I wrote this one down on a piece of paper and forgot to transfer it to a notebook, I thought it wasn't so important because the device remembered my password, but when I wanted to use the application a couple of weeks later, I was asked for a password. Who knows what should I do?

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