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Thread: Anyone adopted feeder fish as your fish pet?

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    Default Anyone adopted feeder fish as your fish pet?

    My 4 years old fall in love with rosy minnow as they are selling as live feeder in my local fish store Petsmart for 15 cents, I think they are not healthy...
    Anyone have an experience adopt feeder???

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    Okay my man

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    I've had fish at home, but I've never dealt with a rosy minnow. It seems that it's not necessary to keep these fish at home. Try to talk to your child about taking a goldfish to your home since he loves fish. I think that when he sees a goldfish, he will fall in love with their beauty and tranquility again. I recently bought a goldfish at a local zoo store, and now I'm wondering how long can a goldfish live in a bowl and what ideal conditions need to be created for it. I already think that I will read it on the Internet, but I would be glad if someone answered me here.

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