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Thread: Fiat-betting to crypto+betting

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    Default Fiat-betting to crypto+betting

    Fiat betting was once the order of the day making online betting difficult to play mostly for international gamblers that have no access to international money transfer services like money gramme, PayPal, Wester Union and so many more. Online gambling was mostly difficult then but now. The regime of Bitcoin has made online transactions easier for everyone.

    Gone are those days where you will have to queue in a betting shop to play bets(sport bet mostly)
    Gone are those days where online betting is limited.
    Gone are those days where there are few betting sites available for bet enthusiasts.
    Gone are those days when gambling is for the rich.
    Gone are those days where international sport betting transactions are stressful.
    Gone are those days when people are afriad to buy Bitcoin.

    Now we have some many altcoins that can be use to play bets online. We are gradually walking into the blockchain era. God bless Satoshi Nakamoto.

    What advantage does the crypto betting has over Fait betting?

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    I also always make transactions in cryptocurrencies, as it is much faster and more convenient, moreover services such as PayPal very often do not work well.

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    As I understand it, a fiat currency is a currency that has no interior value but is considered legal tender by law, while a cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses encryption technology to facilitate transactions securely. That means, fiat is directly dependent and issued by the central bank, while crypto is independent of it. If we talk about betting, on such popular sports betting and casino platforms as sekabet, for example, on such platforms players prefer to use cryptocurrency as a bet from recent times. And fiat is fiat, you use it more irl when buying various goods.

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