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Thread: Military Diet while breastfeeding??

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    Default Military Diet while breastfeeding??

    It claims you can lose 10 lb in one week and I've had friends that have done it and had good results. I'm thinking about doing it to get the last few pounds of my baby weight off but I'm not sure if it would be a good idea while breastfeeding? The caloric intake is so low so I wouldn't want it decrease my supply. Opinions??

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    Hi! I was very glad of this information, it helped me a lot when I was looking for an answer to my questions, thank you for the topic!

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    I don't think you should stick to any diet while breastfeeding a baby. After all, any drastic weight loss affects the hormones in your body, and this directly depends on the milk that the mammary glands produce for your child. Therefore, in any case, even if you urgently had to lose weight, then definitely not adhere to such a diet. Perhaps you should turn to specialists who are engaged in Weight Loss Bethlehem PA and, having already turned to specialists who know a lot about diets and about losing a person's weight, then follow what they say...

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