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Thread: Foot massage at 34 weeks??

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    Default Foot massage at 34 weeks??

    I was planning to get a foot massage tomorrow and then I read Iím not supposed to because certain points can trigger labor?? Has anyone heard this? Iím nervous to get a regular prenatal massage cause I donít trust them to not hurt the baby and now I canít even get a foot massage??

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    Hi! Thank you for creating this topic, I have been looking for a solution for a long time!

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    Interestingly, I've heard that certain points on our bodies can affect our well-being and health. Of course, I'm not a doctor, but I have many doctor friends, and we often discuss their work because, in my youth, I also wanted to become a doctor, but fate decreed otherwise. So we are discussing various things from the medical field, including pregnancy. I have never heard anything about childbirth caused by a foot massage. It sounds a little weird. Many pregnant women get a prenatal massage and undergo chiropractic, which I underwent during rehabilitation once. So, it is better to consult a doctor.

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