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Thread: Tractor or something you drive to harvest

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    Default Tractor or something you drive to harvest

    Can people please post links to machines that you can use to harvest fields of marijuana ? Looking for something that maybe separates the top coals from the plant in the process also ? really would appreciate it. Hope everyone has a great week !

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    Belorussian tractor

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    I use compact tractors for harvesting, since my farm is not that big, but I don't want to work manually, so I bought such a tractor. I am very glad that I found it on some website and I am glad that it works well, although at first glance it seemed to me completely out of order. This tractor is very compact and does not require a lot of parking space and inside the interior is comfortable and minimalistic. I was also able to install a radio in the cabin to listen to my favorite music while working. Because it is very boring to drive in a tractor during the harvest, and music makes me more cheerful. I hope you enjoyed my story about my unusual tractor.

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