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Thread: Best Insurance for Street Use

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    Default Best Insurance for Street Use

    Looking at a 2000 Club Car that is street legal here in Ca .
    Wondering who others here have for insurance and rates ?


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    I am also searching for such an insurance

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    I have my own car-sharing company and therefore each of my cars has insurance, and I also take out additional insurance for different occasions. All this is very expensive and difficult to track each specific insurance, so my business colleague advised me an application that will make my work easier. This app helps to sort bills and taxes and track each payment by taxes or bills. I didn't even know that there are such cool people who make such useful and necessary applications for business and everyday life. I don't even know what I would do without this application, but I probably would have to hire another employee for this job, and this is an additional expense that I try to avoid.

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