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Thread: Cutting/maintaining weight

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    Default Cutting/maintaining weight

    Need a little help from my fellow Hawkeyes. My youngest son is wrestling @ 152 this year. Started football season back in August around 165ish. Was 155 when certified. As a result, he hasn't had to cut much but is struggling to maintain a healthy 152. He has typically been stepping on the scale on match days just under 152 but feels hungry/dehydrated/lethargic. Any advice? TIA.

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    Hi! I've been wanting to see a topic on this topic for a long time, thank you!

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    How critical is it to keep him at that weight? If he is a teenager and developing, he will gain weight with time. When the body is already formed, it's easier to maintain optimal weight. Now, when I weigh myself on a smart scale, which I purchased on, it's easy to track weight fluctuations before or after a workout. And a proper diet has already been determined for me. But when I exercised as a teenager, my body required increased replenishment of wasted resources. And I definitely couldn't last on a protein bar with coconut water.

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