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Thread: Comfy work boots

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    Default Comfy work boots

    I have always worn steel toe cap boots in most jobs I have had but have never really found any which are comfortable. I can't wait to take them off at the end of a day.
    Has anybody got any recommendations of any which are suitable for building site work which are somewhat comfortable? Fully waterproof and made to last are important. The pair I have now are a £60 pair of dickies and although they feel well built i can't wait to take them off.
    I struggle as I'm a size 14 and not every style are available in my size.
    Any particular brands to recommend?
    Price not really an issue as i spend most of my day in them so I want the best. Can't really wear trainer types on the sites im working on and rigger boots are not allowed.

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    Hi! I've been wanting to see a topic on this topic for a long time, thank you!

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    My husband had the same problem, he works at a construction site and took a very long time to find good waterproof shoes, he also needed a good steel toe. He had been looking for such shoes for a long time, but all he found were high quality boots. His husband was already desperate to find good shoes, when suddenly one of his coworkers advised him of men’s work boots Canada. He decided to take a chance and order. As soon as his husband put the boots on, it was immediately clear that they were very high quality shoes. He has been wearing them for 5 months now and they look like new. So I recommend trying to order from this site, you will definitely not be disappointed.

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