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Thread: Surf hat recommendation

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    Default Surf hat recommendation

    In my advancing years parts of my body are rebelling against my favorite activity- surfing.

    I've found that lately the "head flick" to get the hair out of my face is causing all kind of neck problems. It's to the point where it causes tingling and numbness in my hand. In the winter I wear a hood (for that other creeping ailment- surfer's ear), but I think I need something for the summer. One of the things I feel lucky for is a full head of hair and I keep it kind of long so I need something.

    Anybody here use a hat, one that doesn't get in the way and doesn't too kooky?

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    Can't help ya, sorry!

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    How do I understand you! I've always surfed with a swimming cap, and I've always liked it. So you need to buy a similar hat in any sports store, and then you can surf normally. Although I may soon make myself a custom beautiful surf hat because, after all, convenience is convenience, I need to remain beautiful and unusual. This is what is also important to me. In general, I was motivated that I bought a custom cap for my newborn baby from Amazon, so I think maybe I should also order a custom cap for surfing?

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