Software developers have always had programming skills that are highly sought after, and this is even more true today with the advancements in technology. Programming is built on data structures and algorithms. They can be used to solve complex real-world problems. Tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft, and Microsoft focus on the candidate's ability to understand algorithms and data structures when interviewing for technical positions. The good programming skill is essential for anyone who wants to be a good programmer.

Many professionals and students also embrace Machine Learning and Data science every day. These people need to be able to learn algorithms and data structures, even if they don't have a background in Computer Science. best data structure and algorithm courses

Online courses are the best way to learn algorithms and data structures. Online resources are plentiful and can help you improve your skills to the next level. It allows you to work at your own pace, and you can spend more time on difficult topics. This list contains the best online data structures and algorithm courses, tutorials, and certification programs.

These courses include paid and free university-level courses and classes created by experts in the field. Courses in data structures and algorithms in Java and Python, C++, C++, Javascript, and C++ have been included to help you better understand how they are implemented in your chosen language. These courses can help you learn data structures and algorithms to use in interviews or improve your programming foundations.