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Thread: How do I connect individual LEDs to my receiver?

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    Default How do I connect individual LEDs to my receiver?

    I have a few LEDs lying around, so I got the idea to put them onto my plane so I can fly at night. I want to connect my LEDs up to my FS-iA6B receiver, so I can control the lights using my transmitter. How can I so this?

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    I want to dilute this topic about LEDs a little. Tell me, have any of you tried to install accessories designed for cars on an airplane? I have been watching car led light strips for a long time. I love how it looks in a car, and I'm trying to imagine what it would look like on a plane. I don't think there should be any problem installing these bulbs. What do you think? Maybe some of you have done something similar. I'd like to hear about your experience and see what your upgrade looks like. I'll be glad to any answer.

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