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Thread: How is everyone managing their finances with COVID-19?

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    Default How is everyone managing their finances with COVID-19?

    All of my credit card creditors have given me a 30-day deferral (all but one, but I missed the due date on that one so they told me to pay the missed payment and then to call back before the next payment is due). My mortgage company gave me a 3 month forbearance that I will have to repay after the 3 months. They said they will work with me on a repayment plan after the 3 months. I have started a new business that appears to be doing well, so I shouldn't need more than these first 30 days, but I'm interested in hearing how everyone else that hasn't been able to work is managing.

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    It is very hard for me to manage them.

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    During a difficult time when covid 19 disease is widespread, I have not found a better solution than to seek help from financial consultants who help me solve incoming problems. I am not well versed in finance and therefore for me the help of consultants that I found on, very important. Thanks to this help, I was able to stay afloat and continue to exist during the pandemic and now I can safely plan my future life. I even managed to save some money for a rainy day, which I will spend only as a last resort. I hope you also managed to cope with the difficulties during the pandemic and your finances were not affected in any way.

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