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Thread: Assorted women's clothing (size small)

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    Default Assorted women's clothing (size small)

    Clearing out the closet. For reference, I vacillate around 130lbs (+- 5lbs). These all fit me just fine.

    I ship to CONUS only. Venmo preferred, would also accept PayPal.

    1. Boulder Denim Canadiana Skinny Fit Jeans, size 29: $50 shipped

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    Hi! Thanks for this topic, I hope to see a detailed discussion.

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    It's actually really great that you're giving a second life to your old stuff. It's about time I did too, I haven't given or sold my stuff in over a year, I can imagine how much stuff I have. BTW, I love the jeans you are selling, they are very trendy, and I bought a great t-shirt to go with them at So as soon as I clean out my closet and give away all my old stuff, I'm going to buy jeans and a t-shirt right away. Right now I'm going to sort out my closet.

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