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Thread: Discussion / AD2460 asks for your phone number to register

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    Default Discussion / AD2460 asks for your phone number to register

    Maybe i'm just an old coot, but if you ask for my phone number to register to look at your game there is now way I'm going to register. An email address (Which you also demand) is more then enough to send me an activation code.

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    You're probably a moron)

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    Even a real email address is very dangerous to use to receive an activation code. It is very dangerous to use our real data, especially phone numbers, mail, or bank cards, somewhere on the Internet. Before, when someone told me something like that, I thought it was stupid, but now I understand that the situation is much worse than it seems. And that doesn't mean we're getting older; it means we want to feel safe online. I had a horrible situation when I entered my real phone number and received many spam messages trying to hack my data. Without thinking much, I changed my phone number, and since then, wherever I have to use a phone number, I opt for a temp phone number Germany. And that's what we all have to do!

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    Using an email rather than a phone number doesn't mean you are safe. Your privacy would be in danger anyway. That's why I prefer to use a temporary number to get a verification code for any online service. AnonymSMS is the one that works best for me.

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