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    Don't know if anyone else has an opinion, I just tried to order a small item off of their website... tried 3 times to submit payment and was kicked back 3 times.
    Tried Credit Card and PayPal with the same result.
    Never had any issues in the past.
    One other comment..I liked the format of the old Website to me it was easier to negotiate.

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    The old one was easier to navigate and the new one seems to have cataloging errors.

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    I also noticed lags on this site. I don't like flipping through the catalogue because of lags and crashes. I can follow the link and go to another menu, but some kind of failure or error is waiting for me. I don't like pressing F5 over and over again, you know. Perhaps we can contact the site support or report an error by the specified email. Someone from the developers of this site messed up with the design, so all the elements are closed and confused. When my site had such a problem, I turned to experts from I don't know much about WordPress, so that I couldn't fix it myself. This team of specialists fixed all the bugs.

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