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Thread: Girls Home, Boys Home or Orphanage

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    Default Girls Home, Boys Home or Orphanage

    I have seen posts on here regarding the above, but unable to locate them.

    We are relocating to Oz and I have clothing, toys and baby gear that I would like to see used further.

    Can a member recommend a worthy charity, and location so I may take the gear to them ?


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    I think you should give these things to any shelter and it's better if you visit these children yourself. Many people believe that clothes and toys please orphans, but believe me, they will be much more pleased with your attention. I have been a volunteer in various shelters for 15 years, and I know that the toys of such children sometimes entertain a little. But human communication is much more necessary for them. Having received such an experience and realizing this, I adopted a child by contacting, and I urge everyone to find at least an hour of their time a week and play with the children in the nearest shelter. It's better to give such children the opportunity to become part of your family.

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