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    Several months ago we started a project of lighting our small one trap range. We’ve never had lights on our range, so this was a very big upgrade for us. It also turned into a very big project. We first began looking for poles. We found some old telephone poles, but they were too far gone. It just so happened that a local church had too many lights in their parking lot and wanted to get rid of a few. 25’ steel light poles. We got several. We then brought in a lighting specialist to do a survey of our trap field and grounds. They used over head satellite views, ground measurements, and a high tech computer lighting program to ascertain the correct lumens and degree / angle of light to light our trap field. We began engineering our bases for our poles and poured concrete bases then installed our poles. We were very lucky in that we had a benefactor who donated 2/3’s of the costs of our new lights. We also had a local electrical contractor donate several LED flood lights that we used to illuminate our walkways. Our lights came and we had a electrical contractor mount them, wire them up and aim them at night from ok a bucket truck, according to our computer lighting plan. We now have four (2 on each side of the range) hi output stadium LEDs, up at 30’ in the air. I can’t believe what it looks like on our range now. It’s like daylight. These lights are unlike anything I’ve ever shot under at night, with the old style sodium or hallight lights. We have other clubs looking to upgrade, coming over to look at our lights. They truly are the most fantastic lights I’ve ever shot under.

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    Hello! Could you advise where to buy LED lights? Since the purchase, we haven't changed the lighting on the territory, so we don't even know which lamps will best cope with the task. I have heard about LED installations from my electricians' friends but have not yet used such equipment on a large scale.
    Last week I lit up the house with a new LED strip from Vont. I liked how the lighting and atmosphere changed. In addition, I can change colors remotely. However, LED spotlights to have different power, so I'm not sure they are suitable for a large area.

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