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Thread: What Are the Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes?

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    Default What Are the Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes?

    join on various related groups share your page posts and ask like the page. Always share the eye-catchy content with an impressive image. use hashtags.

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    Well, of course I always use hashtags, share posts and photos, and people instead of my photos, sometimes I use applications to increase my activity, paid applications, they are worth it

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    Listen, friend, to be honest, in your case it is difficult to advise something specific, since there are a lot of options to increase the number of likes on Facebook. I will advise you two most common ways that will not take you much time, but you will have to spend some money on them. The first way is to buy advertising on your profile from some famous person, then real people will reach out to you and will like your photos. The second way is to buy likes on various sites like , this service is cheaper than advertising from different people, but these likes will not be delivered by real profiles, although it seems to me you don't care. Good luck guy in solving your problem, I hope I was able to help you somehow.

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