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Thread: Road trip from Singapore to Bangkok (2019)

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    Default Road trip from Singapore to Bangkok (2019)

    I have been planning this road trip for a couple of months already. Read through the various blogs of ppl who have done the same road trip. Also find out what is the current procedure to cross the Thai border at Sadao. Booked the hotels, printed and filled the necessary forms to cross into Thailand by car. Arranged with my brother to come along with me for the drive up to Bangkok, then he flies home from Bangkok. My wife will fly into Bangkok and join me on the trip back to Singapore. So its basically chiong all the way up and take the scenic route back while enjoying the drive.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    It was the best tour I did in Asia. It takes you around most of the lesser-known parts of Bangkok, like across the river on a ferry (with Dutch pushbikes), and you get to cycle around all of the suburbs. There is a ride along the river in the fast longboats they have. You also stop off for some traditional food with local Bangkok residents. It's quite cool. I recommend this because it covers a large area the whole day, and you'll meet some cool people doing so. To be honest, I traveled mostly by train there. I got tickets on, but I would love to try to go with my car another time.

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