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    Our front door is coming apart at the other section where it’s hooks to hinges. Would buying some clamps pull it back together? I was going to add some more glue before putting in clamps and countersinking some small nails after (if) I can get the door to pull back together

    Any help would be awesome

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    Can you send pics of the separation. Your choice of glue also?

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    Do you want to glue some parts that have broken at the door fastener? I think that such a solution to the problem will help the door to last a few more months, but it won't solve the problem forever. Someday you'll have to buy a new door. What kind of door did you buy if it broke down in a sufficiently important part? Of course, types of wood glue can fasten wooden chips and thin boards, but provided that these boards aren't in constant tension under the weight of the rest of the door. Our exterior door has stood the test of time. I was sure that the four-panel oak door copes well with frost, moisture, and sun. Maybe someone from your household slammed the door too often and was able to smash the wood on the mount into splinters?

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