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Thread: Looking for local Jewelry store for engagement ring.

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    Default Looking for local Jewelry store for engagement ring.

    Hey All,

    Basically,what the title says. I am looking to purpose to my girlfriend in the near future and I want to visit a local jewelry store. I would like to avoid large chains like Kay. So please send me any of your recommendations! Thank you 🙏

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    A few weeks ago, I decided to cement my relationship with a girl and propose to her, but before that I wanted to buy a beautiful engagement ring. I went to every local jewelry store and couldn't find a decent engagement ring until I stumbled upon ItsHot. I would be amazed at how large the selection of engagement rings is in this store. As a result, my girlfriend agreed to marry me.

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    Hello everyone, I’ll share with you a little of my impressions of Miojewelry, I bought Omega watches for my brother two weeks ago, they look very attractive and sit comfortably on my hand, as for me there are no minuses in this watch, since the cost is quite adequate, you can find it on their website and look after yourself something. The brother was very happy with such a gift, since few people have them, in short, he did not regret a single gram

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