Dancing can be called a way to control the body, unleash the potential and shape your image, gain self-confidence. If you are starting from scratch training - what do beginners need to know? Initially, you need to decide on the style of dance, focusing on the music that you really like. Then set a goal - for example, the development of plasticity or reach the level of a dance championship. But most importantly, find like-minded people in the classroom, besides, new acquaintances will be a good motivation in themselves. You can learn more about dancing on the LiveTheDance portal. This is a blog dedicated to the dance life and everything that is necessary for it. Classical and modern technology is reviewed. Here visitors will find recommendations for beginners and advanced dancers, current trends and much more. Styles covered include ballroom dancing, salsa, jazz dancing, tap dancing, street style, hip hop, zemba and more. LiveTheDance answers a lot of questions, including selection of shoes, clothes and accessories for young and adult dancers, as well as overcoming common mistakes. Interesting articles are published in this blog every day!

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