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Thread: Minecraft Dungeons / DLC: Luminous Night Guide & Roadmap

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    Default Minecraft Dungeons / DLC: Luminous Night Guide & Roadmap

    DLC: Luminous Night

    Difficulty: 2/10

    Time to 280:1gs:: 10-50+ Hours [Depending on gear level, skill, and luck]

    Unobtainable: None

    Luminous Night DLC

    Season 2 of the Adventure Pass adds a new set of Adventure Hub rewards and achievements to earn through the Luminous Night free DLC update. There is nothing particularly difficult about this DLC; however, depending on your dedication to the game prior, this can be a very slow grind. A number of these achievements focus on leveling up the previous season ("So Last Season"), leveling the current season ("Mine Is Cuter Than Yours!" and "Same To You, Buddy!"), even more grinding in the Tower ("Tower Tourist"), and other miscellaneous tasks that include some backtracking to previous missions. This one will be time consuming, but with enough commitment you’ll earn another easy 280:1gs:!

    So Last Season

    Complete a mission with a full set of cosmetics (Cape, Pet, Emote, Flairs) from a previous season.

    Any previous season’s rewards can be accessed through the Adventure Hub and earned, despite the season being over. Simply access the Adventure Hub and use :1rb:/:1lb: to cycle between seasons and select which one you want to earn progress toward. While progress will be quicker if you purchased the Adventure Pass, as there are more rewards to earn from the Premium upgrade, you can earn everything you need from the Free rewards. Equip all of your previous season items and complete any mission on any difficulty.

    Mine Is Cuter Than Yours!

    Defeat the Redstone Monstrosity with any Ministrosity Pet equipped.

    The Ministorsity Pet type appears in the Season 2 Adventure Hub. Once one is unlocked, equip it and complete the 'Fiery Forge' mission on any difficulty.

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    The Tower Tourist is not RNG at all. Each Tower has a fixed set of floors and biomes that is the same for everyone. Everyone who has played the three towers to completion since the Season 2 Update is at 80%. The only "luck" involved is if they decide to include unused biomes in subsequent tower releases.

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    I love the Shining Night! I remember I was very glad it was on Fun Minecraft skyblock servers. I thought it was too natural an environment there to be able to include this add-on. Wonderful news. Soon I will find the coziest server, and I'll play there constantly. My girlfriend is waiting for me to prepare a new fortress for us. She doesn't like to build too much. She likes to explore new zones in new worlds more. Maybe Skyblock suits her better than I do. Although I can't really know about it. She keeps these thoughts a secret. Lol. What do you guys think about the Shining Night in skyblock game mode? I want to run in new dungeons. I have never gone down to Hell in Minecraft, by the way.

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