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Thread: What type of rings to buy for thai girlfriend when propose for wedding.

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    Default What type of rings to buy for thai girlfriend when propose for wedding.


    I mean, what is the standard gold to buy? With or without stone? In my country it is more and more common that the bride gets a gold ring with some stone or stones (diamonds for example). Is the trend the same in Thailand or is the normal with a plain gold ring? Should it be red gold, pink or normal (yellow) gold?

    If propose for marriage is it common to give the ring in that moment or later?

    Should I buy the rings in Thailand or in europe? Quality wise I mean?

    I ask this because I don´t want to give a ring that is not appropriate considering the loosing face issue in Thailand. I understand it is important to give the correct ring/gift. Because she will wear it all life (hopefully :-)).

    So all tips in this matter and how I should act with the marriage proposal is appreciated.

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    Hi! Thanks for this topic, I'm interested to know the details...

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    The quality of silver and gold is better in Europe, so if the quality is important to you, I recommend buying definitely in Europe. As for the design, it all depends on your bride's preferences. For example, I'm crazy about dragons, and my husband decided to go crazy and find an engagement ring in the shape of a dragon. He said that he searched many stores until he found one site, where he saw one ring and realized that as soon as he saw it, he would immediately fall in love. And so it happened. So I recommend that you also focus on the taste of your beloved.

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    I think that you should choose what you find the cutest one. Buy a ring from the heart, because you are doing it for your loved one. I hope that one day I will also find a person to whom I will propose. I found best dating websites uk , so I'm sure it's going to be a lot easier now, because to be honest, live dating is definitely not for me.

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