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    A heavy duty drill, most commonly corded, with a strong hammer action for drilling into solid, hard materials such as brick and concrete. These drills make tougher jobs much easier and quicker but tend to be aimed at the professional market rather than the average DIYer. Best use; drilling accurate depths into brick and concrete.

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    The below picture shows both a combi drill and an impact driver. The combi drill (on the left) has a much longer body than the impact driver and will have many more options and settings. The impact driver is designed with a shorter/smaller body so that is can reach into tighter spaces and is generally much lighter in weight.

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    The handle is designed for comfortable use in either your left or right hand. Your index finger should be used to pull and release the trigger. There are normally different speeds depending on how far you pull the trigger. Gently pull the trigger for a slow speed and pull all the way back for full speed. When tackling most jobs it’s always best to start of slow and build up to full speed once you’ve found your centre point.

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    The selector switch will allow you to switch the rotation of the drill. This will allow you to insert and remove screws depending on which direction is selected. Just remember that the direction must always move clockwise when drilling holes in materials. (Clockwise when looking at the back of the drill as it touches the material)

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    When drilling wood or metal you’ll need to select the drill setting on the collar. Should you be drilling masonry such as brick or concrete you’ll need the hammer selected. This will be very noisy so be prepared.

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    DeWALT is a well-known brand for tools and home workshops. One of their popular drill series is the DeWalt Combi Drill. This drill is an excellent choice for home builders and amateur woodworkers who need an effective routine that can handle various tasks. The DeWalt Combi Drill can be used for drilling, driving screws, and making other basic cuts.

    DeWalt Combi Drill is a versatile, multi-purpose electric power tool that performs a variety of essential construction and DIY jobs. Its adaptation ability allows it to be used for woodworking, remodelling, and general construction tasks. With its powerful motor and wide range of functions, the DeWalt combi drill can handle just about any job you might need. Find more information
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