The favourite of our followers, the authentic Zambo Burger-. Our roots are Colombian but why not? have the best hamburger proposal!!! Always available on our menu with fresh and crispy French fries that make it the QUEEN of all. Our version is made with 100% certified Angus beef, lettuce, fried egg, bacon, cheese and bread. Each of these ingredients is chosen and cooked in their technique so that the result is the favourite of many.

The origin of this popular dish is uncertain, its creation has been the work of time, of various characters and also from different regions; the first antecedent dates back to the 19th century but it was not until the 20th century that the first specialized chain emerged. This famous recipe became a milestone when the automobile became popular incorporating what we know today as "delivery".

For hamburger fans, we are waiting for you at El Zambo Street Food in Midtown, the heart of Miami: 46 NW 36th ST, Miami Fl 33127.