So for the last 10 months I've been working from home, like a whole lot of office workers in the world. My desk at home isn't ideal, but I've gotten it increasingly set up well for how I need to work. However, early on I found that the chair I've had at my desk for a while- a fairly traditional but not terribly expensive 'desk' chair- was just not working and was uncomfortable for the 9 (now 10 due to our shift to a 4/10 schedule) hours I would spend sitting in it each day. Here's the old chair.
So, I tried something very different- when I had to work at the dining room table on some things a ways back I had grabbed a cheap wooden dining room chair we'd picked up as a prop for one of the Dancer's non-profit's shows and sad in it and found it was surprisingly comfortable compared to the really soft dining table chairs we have.