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Thread: The Fantasy 2023 Transgender Calendar

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    Default The Fantasy 2023 Transgender Calendar

    I came across this Youtube video - and there may be a 2023 calendar coming out if this one is successful.

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    Does anyone use a calendar ?

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    Weíre living in the time of big opportunities, during the 21-st century people evolved a lot. Right now we arenít being judged for our nationality,culture and sexual orientation. Itís the time of total freedom. Iím the journalist and according to my duties I receive the connections and meet different types of people day-by-day. Iím heterosexual person and two years ago I havenít been struggling for the rights of gays and lesbians but then my coworker helped my to pay for my mortgage and it occurred that he was blue. Since that day Iím trying to help these people standing for them incase I can help. At the desk Iíve been using my march calendar ,because Iím working as the sales manager and must keep everything booked. Via affiliated program of my subscription I stumbled upon the transgender calendar and found it pretty interesting. Even printed it out with ti donít forget about some event to congratulate dear my friend.

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