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Thread: Do you have any unrealized business ideas?

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    Default Do you have any unrealized business ideas?

    I have many such ideas. I would like to do sales. Several times I almost bought a platform for online sales, but then put it off. I also wanted to get into buying and selling cars, and would like to sell electric cars in particular. And when I read about electric car charging companies , I also thought about the advantage of having charging stations in your car dealership. You can also make money from this. In general, there are a lot of ideas, you need to implement them.

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    Buying and selling cars is really amazing

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    I also had many ideas for creating a business, I was young and did not know what to do, but now I am developing my start-up. I was very helped by the recommendation of friends, this is an ecommerce outsourcing provider that guarantees 24/7 customer support, and this is what I really want to develop a successful business. Furthermore, I think this recommendation will definitely be useful to you!

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