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    Default Skilled IT candidate

    I need any of your tips on finding a good skilled IT candidate. It is hard for me enough as I haven't had any experience of a kind before.

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    Job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are great places to start with. These platforms allow you to post job openings and search for candidates based on their skills and experience. But if you have no practice, better to apply for IT job staff hiring an agency with the purpose to have relevant IT resumes . For example, Znoydzem from Poland can provide you with any IT specialist up to your needs.

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    That's true, there's a variety of job-searching platforms, and you can consider using them to find the best specialist. Moreover, I can say that I managed to discover a platform with IT jobs with relocation assistance, and if you can afford something like that to your candidates, it can increase your chances of finding someone qualified.

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