I have had a love/hate relationship with NOF 12 for years. In a previous problem, Reoptmisation was stopping because I wasn't logging in as an Administrator - how is one supposed to know these things?

Anyway, I am in reoptimisation hell again. My site is now about 5.5 Gb if you include all of the sub-directories - assets etc. The .nod is about 80Mb. Adding .jpgs gradually and then re-attemping optimisation suggests that I reach some kind of overall size limit that crashes reoptimisation. The message returned is "Not enough disk space" which, of course, is nonsense but might well reinforce my suspicion that after a site reaches a certain size the reoptimisation suite can't handle it. It does the first stage ok - the structure and so on but when it gets to the assets - boom! When it does stop it leaves me with just a homepage and a tiny .nod, so lengthy backups are needed to not lose the site altogether. The irony, of course, is that because the site is so big I need to reoptimise frequently to keep it usable.

In a previous thread someone said that it would be better to go for more than one .nod file and multiple reoptimisation crises tell me that this would be a good idea. However, my site is structured in three layers of sub files and I don't see how two .nods would a single integrated website make. Anyone who is interested would be welcome to look: www.greatenglishchurches.co.uk. I just can't see how I could make the use of more than one .nod work.

Is there some parameter that can be changed somewhere in NOF12 to stop this problem happening? I had thought it might be some arcane setting in W8.1 which causes it, but W10 has the same problem. I love NOF12 but it's a total pain ine the neck sometimes and this problem seems intractable.

Any help would be most gratefully received! Lionel Wall