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Thread: What's the Best Cement Driveway ?

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    In the end, the Cornerstone Concrete team is happy and ready to answer any questions you might have. Even if you come to us asking for a new “cement driveway” we will be happy to get a Free Estimate going for you because we are the concrete experts. Cement driveways come in all shapes and sizes this one in Belair was steep and done with 25mpa using Sika RAD48S synthetic fiber as the reinforcing mesh. Fibre Mesh reinforcement is a great time saver and on the right job can create a hassle-free flow on the day of poring, many local councils use it in their work. The skilled commercial cement driveway construction and repair team at American Asphalt creates attractive and lasting paved surfaces around your property. We rely on extensive experience and a proven process to deliver flawless results. Office multiplexes, shopping centers, and school and government complexes hire us to help maintain an efficient and safe flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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    We take pride in the concrete and asphalt surfaces that we install, holding our team to high standards of workmanship. Our commercial cement driveway construction and repair specialists use the best equipment and high-grade materials. This helps your paved surfaces withstand wear and tear, significantly extending their lifespan. At American Asphalt, every project is backed by more than 30 years of paving experience. An extended 3-year warranty on new commercial cement driveway construction assures you of a quality job. We do a 30-day follow-up after completion and take care of any issues that may emerge.

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    A concrete/cement driveway will require the base to be carefully prepared using a digger, compactor and other equipment that can and will add to the cost-a resin bound driveway is no different. The material costs of cement and sand are substantially cheaper than those used for resin-bound driveways and the choice of stone used in a resin-bound driveway can influence the overall cost. A resin-bound driveway will need a base of asphalt to be laid before the final resin coat. This will once again add to the cost. Your resin-bound driveway will need to be professionally laid by an expert. Concrete meanwhile is a simpler product unless you have opted for a specialist concrete that needs to be imprinted or colored.

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    Cornerstone Concrete is the go-to team for all your concrete needs, including cement driveways. Their expertise and commitment to quality shine through in every project. With their free estimates and excellent customer service, they are always ready to assist you. Their recent work in Belair showcased their skills in constructing steep driveways using top-notch materials like Sika RAD48S synthetic fiber for reinforcement. This fiber mesh not only saves time but also ensures a smooth pouring process. American Asphalt is another trusted name in commercial cement driveway construction and repair. Their extensive experience guarantees flawless results, making them the preferred choice for office complexes, shopping centers, and more. Keep the environment clean by following the bulk trash pickup schedule. Together, we can create beautiful spaces and maintain a sustainable future.

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