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Thread: Hire a lawyer?

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    Default Hire a lawyer?

    I have a recalled 2019 which hasn't been charging normally since getting the "final remedy" in May, and I'm not comfortable with the idea of waiting until whenever GM gets around to replacing all or part of the battery. California's lemon law is apparently at least partly why GM has a separate department to handle all California cases. Does anyone know how hiring (or threatening to hire) a lawyer is likely to influence how GM responds when a customer draws a line in the sand and says "I'm done waiting for you guys to get this sorted out?"

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    Yeah, you should try it.

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    As for your query about how hiring a lawyer might influence GM's response, it can vary. Sometimes, the involvement of a lawyer can encourage the manufacturer to take the matter more seriously and work towards a resolution. However, it's important to remember that each case is unique, and the outcome depends on various factors.

    If you're looking for more information or legal assistance, you might find it helpful to check out the link Although it's related to workers' compensation, law firm websites often have resources or referral networks that can assist you in finding a lawyer specializing in Lemon law cases.

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