Please excuse the Off-Topic post, but we have a lot of EZRound users who
frequent this forum and many have been waiting for this update...

May 12,2007

LANSRAD announces the release of EZRound 2.1 software for Microsoft

Version 2.1 of the software has a Windows Vista aware program installer.
It includes new code generation templates that allow HTML containers
created by EZRound to pass W3C XHTML validation. There were also other new
enhancements and minor bug fixes.

This is a FREE upgrade for all registered EZRound users.

NOTE: Current users need only to use the "Check for Updates feature" on
the EZRound help menu to obtain the new version. Users moving to a new
Windows Vista computer should download the new installer and do a fresh
install with it (the previous installer is not a Vista aware installer).

What is EZRound?

EZRound is software that makes it simple for anyone to improve their
website designs by adding rounded corners, drop shadows and other special
effects. It automatically creates the graphics from simple menu choices,
slices the images and optimizes them for the web, then writes valid HTML
containers for the designs that can be integrated into most web design

No graphic design talent or skills are required to use this product. A
first time user can quickly create stunning effects and EZRound ships with
over 100 designs that are ready to use or provide inspiration.

EZRound can also be used to create a "centered" design that acts as a
container for your entire website. This is a simple process that can
transform an ordinary "dated" template into a modern look and feel that
centers your pages in all web browsers.

EZRound 2.1 is only $29.95 and comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Detailed information about EZRound and a free trial version is available

EZRound runs on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003, Windows ME
and Windows 98SE.

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