Ok, I just updated to v10 patch2. I also made a template of
our site and created a new site because I'm adding some
pages and a new MB. As per usual, I have to reconnect the
bullet graphics because the custom text styles always look
for those graphics in the wrong place when I make a new site
from template.

Today, there's a new wrinkle. Instead of going to the Assets
folder for the previous version of the site (which is what
usually seems to happen), this time NOF replaced the path
for the bullet images with a temporary folder under the NOF
10 folder. Ok, one wrong path is no worse than another.

What's not acceptable is that NOF has also lost the names of
the bullet images on the List tab in the Text Format window
and replaced them with "Automatic". The only saving grace is
that the name of the bullet image file is still shown in the
"list-style-image-url" on the Manage Styles window. However,
that means that for each style with a custom bullet, I have
to remember to scroll to the end of the path in the
Definition panel to get the file name before opening the
Text Format window for the style.

Please tell me that this is a one-time reassignment because
the bullet issue has been fixed. It's bad enough having to
reassign the bullet images every time I make a new iteration
of the site. To lose the the file names this way is really