I don't use it for clients websites, only mine. :-) I was playing with
different ways to stop spammers, and that worked better than anything else.
I would not use it for a client though.

Micah Klesick
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"LBA" <webdesigns@no2spamabramsnet.com> wrote in message
news:f42alu$c2e4@flsun90netnews01.netobjects.com.. .
> Well, that certainly would work. So would not providing your customers
> with a way of contacting you. But be realistic... you can't make a
> website for client and then provide them with a solution like that.
> Laurence
> Micah Klesick wrote:
>> I have a interesting way of stopping spammers and it seems to work well.
>> I have not got a single spam from that email address. :-)
>> Here is the code I use.
>> -
>> <a href='mailto:webmasterATlearnNOF.creationtidbitsDO Tcom?body=Please fix
>> the email address above by changing the AT and the DOT<br>I have done
>> that to cut out spam. Thank you'>Micah Klesick</a>
>> -
>> It seems funny, but works well.