I have an old site that has gone through about 4 versions of NOF. We are
now using version 10 with the latest updates www.fragilex.org is the site.
Long ago I used coolmaps metatagger to add meta data for keywords to all the
pages. I now want to remove that meta tag and use the utility that is part
of nof. I do not have the coolmaps utility anymore and the include file
that feed the metatagger is gone. How can I get into the source code and
stop it from producing that meta tag? I have experimented but nothing seems
to work. This is and has always been my biggest frustration with NOF is not
having the ability to change the code directly. I also use DW dreamweaver
and am just about ready to move the whole site over to that application but
I really don't want to since NOF has some nice things about it.
Anyone know how to master getting to the code and making these things stop?