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Thread: OT: New Computer OS

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    Bonjour Sheila.

    8 days!

    8 days to bring all my favorites softs and links and more
    from one "old computer" (P4 1.7Mhz year 2001)
    to my new one.
    And to choose the OS!

    As usal I bought all the "kit" to CHOOSE the components:

    E6600 2.4 for the proc
    Asus P5w deluxe for the motherboard
    2 Go of 6400/800 Ram (fast one)
    (for the time seem's tio be suffisant, and I can put 2 G more on the free
    2 HD sata's...
    a "good" video card
    And 2 OS: one disk with XP pro, the second with Vista ultimate 32
    (with 32 you're sure that all your old softs... Not with 64's)

    AND THE OLD ONE plug on my Lan, to be sure to keep all my work!

    I keep the Vista'Os on the second hard disk to test...
    But ALWAYS boot with XP pro to WORK (for the time...)
    No drivers problem.
    I know exactly WHERE ARE my files...

    Fusion is on the both's HD.
    Unable to compare the speed beetween the 2 OS.
    Seem's to be the same.
    But 5 or 10's faster than my old one!!!

    So no importance for the "label" (gateways, Dell or...??)
    But TAKE CARE :
    the motherboard:
    If you have a soft protected by a // donggle...
    (I have an old one!! and I'm obliged to spend 60? to change
    it to an "usb's!!. )

    The proc:
    E6600 seem's to be a good one (price/power)
    A GOOD mother board
    FAST and "garanty" RAM (6400 /800Mhz)

    And keep your old one by your side on your Lan!

    It' easy to "reinstall" fireworks with all the passwords or cookies and
    But all that need's a lot of time...


    "Sheila Hoffman" <> a écrit dans le message
    de news:
    > Karl:
    > Thanks for weighing in. I've made a few notes regarding some of your
    > comments...
    > I've always bought Gateways and been fine with them. We went with an HP
    > Media Center for the living room because we qualify for an academic
    > discount. I've been very pleased with the quality of the hardware and of
    > their service. Sorry to hear your experience with them hasn't been as
    > good. I'm too price conscious to spend the money on a local company.
    > Sorry... I know the pros and the conns both.
    > I went ahead and ordered an HP yesterday with Vista. I figured, they have
    > a 21 day no questions asked return policy and they pay the shipping both
    > ways. Now I have to decide if I want to wipe the system clean, partition
    > it and then install XP-Pro, Vista or both. I have 2 weeks to decide before
    > it arrives. I'm open to input. I'm not even sure if I do wipe it clean how
    > hard it'll be to reinstate the basics I need. I hope they'll be providing
    > disks (I should've asked). Have to check that out.
    > Glad to hear Vista runs pretty fast on a properly equiped system. I've
    > been looking into my hardward/driver compatability. Like you I have an
    > older scanner (Epson). They also are not going to provide drivers for it
    > in Vista. I looked into buying a new scanner and can get a cheap Epson for
    > $60 however it'll be a piece of s**t compared to what I have now. Of
    > course when I bought this old one I did a lot of scanning for print. Now I
    > mostly do web work and when I do do print they provide digital 9 times out
    > of 10. I'm leaning toward a switch box and just keeping my old box
    > running. Then I can scan on the old system when I need to and use it to
    > run continuous backups from the new system. So instead of both OS on one
    > computer I'd have access to both via 2 systems.
    > I've just upgraded to CS3 also and decided not to even try to install it
    > on the old system. So the new one will have just the newest stuff,
    > designed for Vista. I'm going to try not to put anything on it I don't
    > have to. I need to look up that old thread someone else posted ahwile back
    > about the best sequence to install things in.
    > I did live through all the old changes. My husband just came in with a
    > photo of my first computer... it was a dual OS (CPM & DOS) and dual floppy
    > with no hard drive. So I've been at this as long as most of you. I started
    > using Pagemaker in a Windows "run time" version! So you're right, I'll
    > make the transition to Vista GUI. I'll go find that book you recommended
    > though. Just what I need.
    > Thanks again.
    > Very helpful.
    > Sheila

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    Ron Higgins

    Default Re: New Computer OS

    "Garret Mott" <Garret_at_AutoMateSoftware_dot_com> wrote in message
    news:f41fj0$ .
    > Hi All -
    > A few of my thoughts on Vista:
    > If you can stick with XP, do so. Vista is a resource hog. I wouldn't
    > consider less than 1GB RAM, 2 or more is better. MS (in code) restricts
    > Vista from using more than 3 unless you go to either 64 bit (or maybe? -
    > pls correct me if I'm wrong) Ultimate. They do this simply to make more
    > $. Server 2003 is the same idea. It won't access more than 4 GB unless
    > you go with (way more expensive) enterprise edition.

    I don't think it's fair to compare an OS which has has 2 service packs to
    something brand new. Vista will get better, it's just a waiting game.

    You can always dual=boot with Linux.

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    the Other Chuck

    Default Re: New Computer OS

    A little more information: Win XP vs Vista


    "Sheila Hoffman" <> wrote in message
    > My current computer is a P4 from 2001! It's time to get a new one. So far
    > I've looked at HP and Gateway. My brother thinks I should stay with XP-Pro
    > because Vista's a whole new way of doing things and a big learning curve.
    > He just doesn't like it. How are you all doing with Vista? Any major
    > glitches? Would you recommned it or if you could do it again would you
    > stay with XP? Any hot tips on vendors and/or specific specs you'd
    > recommend would be greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks!
    > Sheila

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    Sheila Hoffman

    Default Re: New Computer OS

    Thanks Chuck. I'd actually just discovered Chris' website yesterday. I did
    go ahead and order a Vista system. I'm going to give it a try. If I hate it
    I can always reformat and install XP. Most of what I've read implies that
    the difficulties with Vista are mostly on older machines so the hardware
    isn't up to snuff and/or when upgrading from XP. So on a new system it
    should be fine. I've been studying everything I can find including relevant
    newsgroups so hopefully it'll go smoothly. I'll let you know. I plan to
    install my new Adobe CS3 first, then NOF and nothing else for awhile.


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