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Thread: OT: Safari browser on PC

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    Karl Strieby

    Default Re: OT: Safari browser on PC

    Chuck «BeyondFusion» wrote:
    > Apple has released their Safari web browser for the PC. Windows XP and
    > Vista OS.
    > I just downloaded and installed on Vista Ultimate.
    > No issues *yet* and very fast.

    Hi Chuck,

    There have already been several reports of multiple and major security
    holes in Safari 3beta for Windows. So I would strongly caution against
    anyone using it as one's main browser on any version of Windows.

    From what I have read on and gathered from Steve
    Jobs' WWDC keynote address, the real intention of releasing Safari on
    Windows is to let Windows web developers make and test their "web 2.0"
    applications on the Safari browser -- which happens to come with the
    highly hyped (and highly priced) Apple iPhone.

    An unintentional side effect of this is that having a Windows test
    version of Safari available might let me delay buying a Mac computer for
    testing my web projects. :-)


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    Nancy O

    Default Re: OT: Safari browser on PC

    I have no interest in using Safari 3.0 beta as my default browser - never
    did. Was just wanting to know if it would be reliable for cross browser
    testing of web sites. Evidently not yet. Maybe later versions will be...

    Main problem so far is with font rendering. If you have lots of fonts
    installed on your system, Safari 3 Win beta renders pages with really weird
    fonts or gibberish.

    Additionally, I've personally found it ignores <acronyms tags>.

    It ignores the JavaScript print page buttons on iframed pages.

    It ignores some scripted slide shows.

    Browser window isn't resizable except for min & max - nothing in between.

    It doesn't open local files easily.

    Security issues in the Win ver - it has been hacked since day one.


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