On 10 October 2001, Website Pros, Inc. acquired substantially all of the assets of NetObjects, Inc. and continued to develop and market the award-winning website design software, NetObjects Fusion.

Effective 29 May 2009, NetObjects Inc., a newly formed corporation, acquired substantially all of the assets of the software business of (formerly Website Pros, Inc.) and is operating as an independent software company.

We are aware that several purchasers of NetObjects Fusion have received demand letters from stock photography companies related to images contained in the software or templates. has strict standards when it comes to image usage and all of the images included within NetObjects Fusion or the Templates were obtained with licenses from the image holders. has worked with (and continues to work with) the stock photography companies to verify that any image in question is appropriately licensed or to remove any offending material if necessary. In an abundance of caution, released software updates for each version of NetObjects Fusion and rebuilt certain templates to replace any images in question. will respond, on a case by case basis, when customers identify a claim of infringement and will attempt to resolve any outstanding infringement claim. If anyone receives a demand letter claiming infringement of the rights of an image holder, they should send an email to The message should contain the customer's contact information, the version of Fusion and a copy of the demand letter identifying the image(s) in question. NetObjects will refer the inquiry to the legal department.

We were unable to locate any record of communications from you regarding this matter. A support representative will follow up with you directly on Tuesday. Monday is a holiday in the USA.

Steve Raubenstine
President & CEO
NetObjects Inc.