Just opened a ticket with WP, but thought I'd toss this out there in the
meantime. I'm getting an odd error (see subject) randomly when working
in NOF 10. It's been working beautifully on Vista for the last four or
five months. Not sure what I've done.

It occurs when adding a pic (sometimes) - adding a component (sometimes)
- and sometimes when simply closing a file. Then twice now, afterwards I
can't start NOF and get a C++ abnormal shut down when starting NOF.

Not a lot of info, I know. I've reinstalled twice now and am still
getting the 'parameter error'. Also, the design page will blank out and
I can't see any text or images. Hmmm, display driver maybe? I'll check that.

Haven't seen anything like this on the boards here, so we'll see where
it goes. Thanks.