What is going on with NOF tech support? I submitted a request on 12/21, got
a confirmation, then never saw the ticket in my ticket history. Submitted
another one, got a confirmation, then both tickets showed up in my Ticket
History. Suddenly they disappeared and I can't get anyone to answer my
e-mails and can't get a live person on the phone.

Here's my immediate issue:

I've got two questions:

First, I'm trying to create a secure page log-in and although on page 797 of
the NOF11 manual it says (under 8.) ..."you could place both the Signup and
Login components on the same page...." Every time I try to place more than
one component on a page I get an error message that says you can't place
both on one page.

Second, the Captcha graphic does not appear on the published page -- what is
wrong with it?

I'm using Vista.