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Thread: Update Installation Problems

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    Dave Frisby

    Default Update Installation Problems

    I'm trying to install updates to NOF10. I've tried all the updates
    separately, tried pretty much everything I could think of. Every time I try
    to update, I get an error message that says.....

    Wrong Language or Partner Version

    This update requires the English retail version of Net Objects Fusion 10.
    Please download the appropriate update installer for your version.

    .....I'm running Net Objects Fusion version 10 English. This is driving me
    nuts. Haven't been able to find any information on this problem. Anyone
    dealt with this before?

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    Allison Moore

    Default Re: Update Installation Problems

    > Wrong Language or Partner Version

    Sounds as if you may have a proprietary distribution of NOF 10. Where
    did you get your copy?


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